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Meet Our Team

Introducing members of the Carbon Theater Group
Abdollah BARJASTEH YAZDIDirector, actor, scene and lighting designerabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Ali Hatami Nejad
Ali Hatami NejadPlaywright, directorabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Raoof Dashti
Raoof DashtiPlaywrightabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Alireza Ravandel
Alireza RavandelACTORabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Hossein Akbarpour
Hossein AkbarpourACTORabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Masoud Aghli
Masoud AghliActor & Directorabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
MohammadReza Solati
MohammadReza SolatiACTORabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Mohammad Jahanpa
Mohammad JahanpaACTORabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Neda Mohammadi
Neda MohammadiACTORabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Shahab Eftekhari
Shahab EftekhariScenic and lighting designer abdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
Parya Heravi
Parya HeraviACTORabdollahbarjasteh@carbontheater.com
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